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5 Remote Job Industries That Are Booming in 2024

Working remotely has become more and more commonplace. After the global pandemic, many jobs moved online and have simply remained there. For others, working online has been a way of life for years. Either way, the industry is constantly evolving and changing, and it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse.

Since so many people have moved to online work, it can feel oversaturated and overwhelming when looking for a job. That’s why I recommend dipping your toes into these industries if you’re seeking remote work or a change of direction.

5 Remote Job Industries That Are Booming in 2024

Remote work has moved far beyond graphic design and coding (although those are both amazing titles and still in demand). These are the 5 remote job industries that are showing exciting growth in 2024, with no signs of stopping any time soon.

1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity image of laptop with password security protection

Cybersecurity has become a solid industry as businesses and governments prioritize protecting data and systems from cyber threats. The demand for professionals who can safeguard sensitive information from cyber attacks is higher than ever.

Positions like Cybersecurity Analyst and Security Architect are highly sought after and involve skills such as assessing vulnerabilities and developing/testing security systems. If you’ve got a knack for details and problem-solving, this could be your jam.

To get into cybersecurity, you’ll most likely need an educational background in Computer Science, IT, or even Cybersecurity itself. You can also earn certifications like the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or CompTIA Security+ to help you get started or give you an edge.

2. Telehealth

stethoscope and laptop with medical professional in background

Telehealth has seriously transformed the healthcare landscape over the past few years. By allowing patients to meet with healthcare providers remotely, the industry continues to grow. It not only makes healthcare more accessible, but it’s creating more and more job opportunities for those looking for remote work.

Professionals in the telehealth industry include Virtual Care Coordinators, Telehealth Nurses, Health Information Specialists, and lots more. Managing everything from patient data to real-time virtual consultations, it’s an exciting industry that’s brimming with opportunities.

Getting started in the telehealth industry varies based on the type of position you’re looking for. Naturally, with more clinical titles, medical licenses and certifications are required. However, for other tech-oriented titles, you can earn certifications or secure positions by having an education in computer science.

3. Software Development

writing code at a desk at home

Creating, managing, and maintaining software applications is absolutely crucial when it comes to the day-to-day functioning of businesses and, honestly, our lives. That’s where the software development industry comes in. This is probably one of the most “plentiful” industries when it comes to potential opportunities.

Roles like Mobile App Developer, Full-Stack Developer, or DevOps Engineer are constantly in demand. You’ll be writing code, developing software solutions, and managing/maintaining the software during its lifecycle.

Lots of people in the software development industry have an educational background in Computer Science or Software Engineering; however, this kind of experience isn’t required to get your foot in the door. You can take online courses and build a solid portfolio to help you land a job.

4. Digital Marketing

multiple screens showing digital marketing strategies across mobile and desktop in home office

I’ve worked remotely full-time for the past 7 years and have spent most of my time in the Digital Marketing realm. This booming industry has a focus on helping brands/businesses grow by marketing through digital channels – think social media, websites, and emails.

Common titles you’ll find are SEO/SEM Expert, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Strategist, and others. Their goal is to create strategies that increase brand visibility and engage with consumers (both current and potential) on a digital platform.

Degrees in Marketing or Communications will certainly support you in this industry, but they aren’t required. Many people have found success by taking courses, getting certifications, and even managing social media accounts or starting a blog.

5. Online Education

logging into an e-learning site via laptop, screen shows image of graduate hat

Another industry that’s made a drastic shift to the digital world is education. Online Education, or e-learning, provides access to education for people of all ages all over the world. From Pre-K and high school to college degrees and professional development, there are thousands of people wanting to expand their knowledge base.

By becoming an E-Learning Developer, Instructional Designer, or Online Tutor, you can help facilitate online learning, design and develop courses, or even create educational content.

Again, this is an industry with varying requirements depending on the position you’re seeking. Ranging from backgrounds in Education to skills in programming, the prerequisites will depend on the title.

In Conclusion

Each of these industries has an exciting future and they’re all paths to success and growth. Whether you’re taking your first career steps or thinking about a complete career change – you can feel good about getting your foot in the door.

I personally find it reassuring to know that more and more remote-based positions are being created in various fields. It lets people get out there and find their true passions while permitting that perfect work-life balance.

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