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Aventon Aventure Review (After 1-Year of Use)

Among the competition, Aventon has built a reputation for affordable, high-quality e-bikes geared towards on- and off-road adventure. The Aventon Aventure is no exception, with beefy four-inch fat tires, a 750-watt motor, and top-notch front suspension, providing solid comfort, performance, and speed for cycling excursions. 

For this Aventon Aventure review, I took this fat tire e-bike out for a series of rides in Southern California to check out its handling and performance. I’ll provide my candid feedback based on my own experiences. I’ll weigh in on the pros and cons of riding the Aventon Aventure and go in-depth on the features and specifications for this comprehensive Aventon Aventure review.

Read on to get the full scoop on the Aventon Aventure ebike.

Aventon Aventure First Impressions

My first impressions of the Aventon Aventure were mixed. On one hand, the e-bike arrived with a bent right brake handle that required replacement. Thankfully, Aventon has partner bike shops around Los Angeles that bill the company directly to change out damaged parts or components. This was a bit of a hassle, but Aventon is clearly standing behind their products and offering quality customer support. 

Still, it would have been nicer to get a not-broken bike right off the bat.

Unless you’re an experienced bike mechanic, assembling the Aventon Aventure absolutely requires going to a bike shop. Farther down, I’ll dive more in-depth into the assembly process for this bike. For now, I’ll just say this: when I got the bike, there were a lot of pieces to put together.

On my first ride, I appreciated the comfortable upfront riding position and how the Aventon Aventure’s battery was integrated with the e-bike frame. This creates a sleek look, and the protected battery integration has helped extend the life of the Aventure e-bike. The Level 3 e-bike easily delivered speeds up to 28 mph using either pedal assistance or the throttle.

The biggest downer on the first ride was finding the throttle and pedal assist both have a 1 to 2 second delay before kicking in. Even worse, there’s a similar delay before the power cuts off (unless you hit the brake). This made for a bit of a jerky riding experience at starts and stops, though once I was pedaling it wasn’t a problem.

While the e-bike delivers considerable power, the overall weight presents some difficulty moving the Aventon Aventure and finding a bike rack to accommodate its heft. It’s a well-constructed, heavy-duty e-bike, but this fat tire e-bike lends itself more to tackling gravel and bumpy roads than navigating mountain terrain and super rough trails.

Who is Aventon?

Before diving into my full Aventon Aventure review, it’s worth highlighting the company’s mission and history in developing e-bikes. Founded in 2013, Aventure entered the cycling industry with a specialization in racing bikes. Aventure formed its own racing team that used the company’s bikes to compete in domestic and international races, winning the Red Hook Crit in Barcelona, Spain, in 2015. 

It wasn’t until 2018 that Aventon ventured into the realm of e-bikes with the original Pace 500. Since then, Aventon has completely pivoted to e-bikes and developed its own in-house system to manufacture the majority of components used in its electric bikes. 

The Aventon Aventure launched in 2021 as the company’s first all-terrain, fully-loaded e-bike, which helped further establish Aventure as one of the best e-bike brands

Today, Aventon offers over a dozen e-bike models, including foldable designs, electric mountain bikes, cargo e-bikes, and commuter models for city riding. Their selection of e-bikes includes the Aventure.2, which boasts a revamped torque sensor and 60-mile range, but at a slightly higher price point than the Aventon Aventure.

Aventon Aventure Full Review

Electric bikes vary in their intended use, which is why my Aventon Aventure review will evaluate how this model performs as an all-terrain fat tire e-bike. 

While the substantial four-inch fat tires, front suspension, and powerful rear hub motor make the Aventure an excellent electric bike option for most cycling adventures, it is not up to the task of full-on mountain biking. It just doesn’t have enough suspension and is too bulky to be maneuverable on more challenging trails.

However, this fat tire electric bike will perform well in many situations, including gravel trails and winter riding, due to its superb traction and shock-absorbing suspension.

The main drawbacks during my test rides were the delayed throttle action and the hefty weight (73 pounds not counting accessories) is a potential limitation for transporting it in and out of the home and on a rack.

Read on for a more extensive look at the Aventon Aventure ebike in terms of assembly, design, performance, specifications, components, features, and alternative e-bike models. 

Assembly Review

Aventon Carboard Box

The Aventon Aventure arrived in a large, sturdy cardboard box. Aventon primarily sells direct to consumers, so it’s likely your Aventure would be shipped from their warehouse to your home rather than picked up from a bike shop unless you arrange that yourself.

Given the size and weight of the box and e-bike components, having a second set of hands is a good idea to safely move and unpack the Aventure. Inside the box, the charger and accessories are packaged in their own separate boxes, while the frame and wheels come attached.

Aventon provides all the tools you’ll need and their website has step-by-step instructions for installing the e-bike parts, beginning with attaching the stem and handlebar before adding the front wheel, seat post, and pedals. 

Unless you’re well-versed in mechanics and e-bike assembly, I recommend getting professional help from a bike shop to dial in the level of alignment needed during this process.

Since I received a bike with a damaged hand brake, I advise inspecting all the e-bike parts, from the rear fender to the front and rear lights. Again, this is somewhere that a professional bike shop can help make sure everything is in working order.

Style, Design & Aesthetics Review

Aventon Style Aesthetics

Before we get into how the fat tire e-bike performed on my test rides, I think it’s important to round out this Aventon Aventure ebike review with a look at the style and design. Whether you plan to ride the Aventure around town or primarily explore off-road bike trails, looks matter when it comes to choosing an e-bike. 

The Aventon Aventure stands out among fat tire e-bikes for its sleek design. The integrated battery is barely distinguishable from the e-bike frame, creating a streamlined profile. Overall, it’s a cool bike without any glaring style or design issues.

This electric fat tire bike comes in three colors: camouflage green, sand, and fire black. All three color schemes include a multi-colored band running along the frame’s top tube and seat stays that catch the eye.

Meanwhile, the front suspension components are a combination of black and metallic, blending well with the front tire and overall frame, especially on the black Aventure model. There are also three frame sizes to choose from (small, medium, and large) that collectively accommodate riders from 5′ 1″ to 6′ 4″.

Performance Review

After taking the Aventon Aventure out on a series of test rides on paved roads, dirt roads, and smooth trails, a few things stood out for me in terms of performance. Speed, for one, is a strong point for the Aventure.

This affordable fat e-bike also provides excellent comfort, including an easy upright riding position and outstanding shock absorption from the front suspension. The Aventure functions much like a bicycle, providing a completely different riding experience than something like the Ride1Up REVV 1, which operates more like an electric moped. 

While there’s a lot going for this e-bike I do have a few small complaints that I’ll elaborate on more in my Aventon Aventure review below.


The Aventure goes very fast, and I felt my eyes watering at high speeds. You can easily monitor and track your speed alongside other ride data on the color LCD display fitted on the e-bike’s handlebar. 

The Aventure can be configured as either a class 2 or 3 electric bike. As a class 2 model, the e-bike can go up to a max speed of 20 mph using both pedal assist and throttle, whereas class 3 models go up to a maximum pedal assisted speed of 28 mph, or 20 mph with just the throttle. 

There are five pedal assist levels that deliver incrementally more speed as you go up from 1 to 5. I recommend wearing a full-face helmet for optimal visibility and safety if riding above 20mph (i.e., class 3 setting). A regular helmet works great if your Aventure is configured as a class 2 electric bike. 

Note that the electric bike classification will impact where you’re able to ride it. Regulations and rules on electric bikes and speed limits vary by state. Class 3 ebikes generally face the greatest restrictions on trail use, though they’re allowed on most roadways and bike lanes. Aventon e-bike owners can use the app to set up the Aventure’s speed and pedal assist settings to be either class 2 or 3.


The Aventon Aventure picks up speed quickly when you increase the pedal assist level. While the e-bike’s power is undeniable, I did find that the acceleration can be a bit jolting when switching pedal assist levels or engaging the thumb throttle. It takes a beat for both the throttle and pedal assistance to kick in, meaning I have to anticipate my throttle needs at least one or two seconds in advance. 

While the 73-pound weight is a drawback I’ve mentioned in my Aventon Aventure review, it doesn’t stand in the way of conquering hills and steep terrain. The Aventure is equipped with a cadence sensor which activates assistance once you begin pedaling. More specifically, the motor power will increase or decrease based on the rider’s pedaling power to maintain the speed of the chosen assistance level amid hills and gear changes.


In addition to testing out the Aventon Aventure e-bike on different terrain, I also put it through a series of range tests. Aventon claims that the electric bike has a range of 45 miles when riding at an average speed, which matched my test riding experience. 

It’s important to note that the Aventure’s range varies considerably depending on the pedal assist level and how often you use the throttle by itself. On the high end, the Aventure has a maximum range of 53 miles using level 1 pedal assistance. Whereas setting the pedal assist to level 5 will cut the range to 19 miles. 

Living in Southern California, I’m rarely concerned that the outdoor temperature will affect my e-bike battery life. But any e-bike owner in colder and hotter climates should note that lithium-ion battery performance degrades in temperatures below 40° F and above 115° F.


Aventon Aventure Handling

For a large bike, the Aventure steers easily and feels balanced while riding so you don’t need to slow down much on corners and turns. During my test rides, it handled well, even at high speeds and on rough terrain. The beefy four-inch tires provide excellent stability while reducing the impact of vibrations and bumps for steady riding.

And while I’ve noted that it’s not an electric mountain bike per se, handling was not a problem while riding on chunky Jeep roads. The Aventure has the power and battery capacity you’d want for a mountain bike, but the weight is too much for more technical trail riding. If you’re in the market for an electric mountain bike, look for something weighing closer to 50 pounds.


Whether you plan to use your electric bike for off-road riding or cruising around town, having a supportive and comfortable electric bicycle is key for an enjoyable riding experience. The Aventon Aventure will keep riders feeling both secure and at ease in the saddle. I found the upright riding position to be easy and comfortable while riding, as the pedal assist eliminates the need to hunch over and drive the pedals to get uphill.

The Aventon Aventure’s contact points are plenty comfortable for longer rides. The bike seat that comes with the Aventon Aventure is wide enough to support the sit bones and stiff enough to provide a solid pedaling platform—not that intensive pedaling is required. But some riders may prefer upgrading to a saddle with a pressure relief channel or cushier padding. Meanwhile, the aluminum handlebars are fitted with ergonomic grips that’s both soft and easy to hold on to. 

Dulling shocks and vibrations is where the Aventon Aventure excels. The suspension fork has 80mm of travel to absorb any bumps that come your way on the road. It’s not enough to handle really rocky trails, but for smaller rocks and bumps on dirt roads, it does a great job.

Specs Review

The specifications are a crucial aspect of any e-bike to keep in mind when comparing models and diving into the electric bike reviews. The Aventon Aventure is well-constructed and boasts solid specs, namely the high-capacity battery, powerful motor, and backlit display. 

Read on for a deeper Aventon Aventure review of specifications.


Aventon eBike Battery

The Aventon Aventure delivers excellent battery power. This electric bike has a removable lithium-ion 48V, 15Ah battery is a tad larger than the industry average. The Aventon Aventure ebike’s 720Wh battery supplies more zip than a standard e-bike, too The incorporated battery design means you can charge the battery wherever is most convenient without hauling the full e-bike frame with you. 

All Aventon bikes are compatible with the Aventon battery. Buying another battery can extend your range for long-distance rides or replace a lost or stolen battery. For Aventure e-bike owners, the Aventon battery is meant to be used with your existing battery cover. But if needed, the battery cover can be purchased separately, too.


The e-bike is propelled by a rear hub drive motor with a 750W power rating. The rear hub motor combines with the 720Wh battery to deliver ample power for varied terrain and off-road trails. 

I found the Aventure motor was up to the task of climbing hills without skipping a beat. Unlocking the Aventon Aventure so it’s a class 3 electric bike uses the full capacity of the rear hub motor.


The Aventon Aventure is equipped with a throttle on the left handlebar that can be engaged with the flick of a thumb for extra zip to keep up with vehicle traffic or take a breather from pedaling. Its power and battery capacity is such that the Aventure has a range of 27 miles while using just the throttle. The on-demand throttle can be engaged from a complete stop and reach a speed of up to 20 mph. 

As I’ve noted in my Aventon Aventure review, the throttle could use improvement. For one, using the throttle feels jerky, even in the lowest level of pedal assist. Furthermore, the transition isn’t very smooth and takes a second or two to kick in.

Pedal Assist

Having both a throttle and pedal assistance makes for a versatile e-bike. With the Aventon Aventure, cyclists can alter between pedaling and throttle without losing speed. 

The Aventon Aventure comes with five levels of pedal assistance. Note that the Aventure ships as a class 2 e-bike, meaning it’s capped at 20 mph, even with the pedal assist engaged. Using the Aventon app, riders can increase the threshold to a class 3 setting, which is 28 mph. Here’s a breakdown of the speed limits for each pedal assist level:

  • Level 1: 11 mph speed limit
  • Level 2: 16 mph speed limit
  • Level 3: 21 mph speed limit
  • Level 4: 24 mph speed limit
  • Level 5: 28 mph speed limit

Pedaling effort decreases as you move up pedal assist levels. Similar to the throttle, the pedal assist activates with a bit of a delay.


Aventon LCD Display

The Aventon Aventure makes it easy for cyclists to gauge their speed, trip distance, remaining battery life, and other ride data on the backlit LCD display. I found the color display to be very intuitive, and I really appreciated Aventon’s decision to show battery life as a percentage for a more accurate reading than a battery bar icon. 

Overall, I was impressed with how tech-oriented the display system is for this affordable fat tire e bike. Users can toggle on the display to see other metrics, including calories burned and average speed. Sustainability-minded riders will appreciate that it tracks CO2 emissions reduced and how many trees you’ve saved by opting not to drive.

The Aventon app lets riders sync the display with their iPhone or Android to configure their e-bike settings, review ride metrics, set riding goals, and share their results with the Aventon community.


Clocking in at 73 pounds, the Aventon Aventure is not lightweight by any measure, even compared to other fat bikes. That being said, the e-bike doesn’t struggle to reach its top speed of 28 mph or climb steep inclines. 

While the weight does limit the Aventure’s suitability as an electric mountain bike, it still steers and handles well for less aggressive riding. The e-bike has a total payload capacity of 400 pounds, meaning it can accommodate a rider weight over 300 pounds.

Components Review

Shifting gears in this Aventon Aventure ebike review, let’s take a closer look at the components used in this fat tire bike. 

The Aventon Aventure is made from high-quality components on the whole. The aluminum frame is secure, the suspension bears the brunt of any bumps, and the hydraulic disc brakes provide stopping power so you can ride off-road with confidence. 

While the Shimano drivetrain shifted seamlessly during testing, I prefer single-speed e-bikes, as having lots of gears seems superfluous if you’re going to be primarily using pedal assist or the throttle. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Aventon Aventure’s components.


The Aventon Aventure features a 6061 single-butted aluminum alloy frame. The electric bike’s frame is equipped with an integrated battery, which is removable. The Aventure’s downtube is also where you’ll find the small button by the battery that needs to be pressed first before hitting the power button on the display. 

The bike’s frame is fitted with internal cable routing and thru-axles to attach the frame to the wheels. This is the preferred option when using an e-bike for riding off road, as the thru-axles are more secure and reliable than a quick release setup. 

Riders can mount front and rear racks to the Aventon Aventure. The Aventon Front Rack has a weight capacity of 20 pounds, while the Aventon Rear Rack can hold up to 55 pounds. Both accessories are purchased at an additional cost and are intended for use on the Aventon Aventure specifically.


This fat tire electric bike comes with an 80mm front suspension fork that’ll alleviate the impact of bumps on pavement or dirt roads.

Riders can lock out the fork on the right side of the e-bike (if you were sitting in the saddle) to make it rigid. Locking out the fork helps reduce pedaling effort and is a good idea if you plan to ride primarily on flatter, paved surfaces. Conversely, riders planning to take the Aventon Aventure off-road should adjust the preload by turning the knob to increase its ability to absorb shocks. 

The Aventon Aventure does not feature a rear suspension or shock. Riders can consider upgrading to the Aventon Suspension Seatpost, which affords 25mm of suspension and is compatible with all Aventon bikes. It’s worth noting that the Aventure’s four-inch fat tires also help take the edge off cracks and smaller bumps in the road for an overall comfortable riding experience.


Aventon Aventure Drivetrain

Designed with a chain drive and 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain, the Aventon Aventure allows riders to adjust both their gears and pedal assist level to dial in their desired pedaling effort. Shimano is one of the biggest bike components manufacturers globally, and their drivetrains are smooth and reliable.

Shifting between the eight gears on the Aventure is very smooth. The bar shifter is easy to use while still maintaining a firm grip on the handlebars, enhancing both safety and functionality. However, I didn’t find myself changing gears much, opting to adjust the pedal assist level instead.


The Aventon Aventure has Bengal Ares 3 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. These brakes are up to the task of controlling speed and stopping this larger bike for recreational riding. The Aventon Aventure’s brakes are controlled with standard levers on both handlebars.

Wheels and Tires

The Aventon Aventure is a fat tire electric bike with 4” x 26” tires. Fat tires typically range from 3.7 to 5 inches, putting the Aventure on par with many other fat tire e bikes. The fat tires improve the Aventure’s stability and performance on a range of surfaces, including sand and snow, with less effort. They provide ample grip and feel well-made and durable.

Features Review

While we’ve covered the main e-bike specifications and components, there are other key features worth mentioning in this Aventon Aventure review.

Below, I’ve outlined some of the Aventon Aventure’s top features.

Built-in Lights

For morning and evening riding, built-in lights are essential safety features to help riders see and be seen on the road. The Aventon Aventure has integrated front and rear lights. I was particularly impressed by how bright the handlebar-mounted headlight shines. 

You can control the integrated headlight with the LCD display on the handlebar. The rear lights function like a brake light, turning on when riders engage the brakes. It’s located on the electric bike’s seat stay.


The Aventon Aventure e bike is equipped with built-in front and rear fenders. Given its intended use for off-road riding, this is an essential feature to shield riders from rocks and debris while tackling more rugged terrain. I found the fenders to be solid and sturdy. Neither the front nor rear fender clattered while riding, even when I took the Aventon Aventure off paved roads and trails.

Aventon App

Aventon Aventure App

Another cool feature of this bike is the Aventon app, which takes riding to the next level. The companion Aventon app can be paired with the e-bike’s built-in computer and allows riders to access a suite of riding metrics and connect with other cyclists in the Aventon community. The Aventon app can be utilized to configure the Aventure as a level 2 or level 3 e-bike depending on rider preferences. 

Pairing the Aventure with the Aventon app is a good idea to track performance metrics and ride data, as well as control various components and features on the e-bike.

Aventon Aventure Accessories

The Aventon Aventure e-bike is compatible with a variety of add-ons and accessories. Between storage, safety, and pure convenience, these accessories can upgrade your ride.

WSDCAM Anti-Theft Bike Alarm

Since the Aventon Aventure doesn’t come with a security system, riders should consider options to protect their new electric bike. The WSDCAM Anti-Theft Bike Alarm is a wireless remote lock that’s well-suited for defending e-bikes from would-be thieves. 

It works just like a car key fob. Press the lock button, and if anyone tries to move your e-bike, the alarm sets off (and it’s VERY loud). The alarm has three settings, up to 113 dB, and 7 levels of motion detection. The motion setting with the utmost sensitivity will sound the alarm with just a gentle touch. 

The alarm is waterproof and durable. It weighs 10.5 ounces and comes with a mounting bracket to secure it to the e-bike frame while you ride.

FoldyLock Forever Folding Bike Lock

Folding locks are typically among the lightest weight bike locks and pack down for easier transport than U-locks and chain locks. Usually, this portability comes at the cost of security, but that’s not the case with the FoldyLock Forever Folding Bike Lock. It’s the first folding bike lock to ever be awarded the Gold Sold Secure rating–a designation that may be needed to take out electric bike insurance. 

I mount the Forever Folding lock in place of a water bottle holder to take it with me wherever I ride. Alternatively, riders could stash the lock in a bag on the rack to keep the water bottle holder in place.

It isn’t bulky and securely attaches to the frame without being an eyesore (wrapping a chain lock around a bike frame just looks bad).

Peak Design Out Front Cell Phone Holder

Given the high-tech functionality of the Aventon app and that the Aventure’s display is fitted with a USB charger, mounting your phone on the handlebar of your electric bike is a logical choice. Made with lightweight aluminum, the Peak Design Out Front Cell Phone Holder uses a magnetic mounting technology to secure your phone in place. 

I find it’s great for navigation, keeping the map front and center while riding. Riders can easily reposition and “flip to film” to record their ride on the Aventon Aventure. The Out Front Cell Phone Holder is compatible with several handlebar sizes, including the 31.8mm bars on the Aventon Aventure.

Aventon Aventure Rear Rack

I briefly touched on this rack earlier in my Aventon Aventure review, but it merits another shoutout. The Aventon rear rack is specifically made for the Aventure e-bike. It can accommodate bungee cords, panniers, or a milk crate for transporting cargo up to 55 pounds. The Aventon rack is available in black matte or green finish.

WOTOW Rear Rack Bag

The WOTOW Bag is a nice addition to the Aventure rear rack to organize your belongings. The bag is made with water-resistant fabric and waterproof zippers to keep your valuables dry and protected on the road.

It includes 8 liters of storage with helpful internal organization for your essentials, including a main compartment, two side pockets, two interior mesh pockets, and a top zip pouch. Commuters will appreciate that the WOTOW bag includes a strap to carry it with you after parking your electric bike.

Aventon Handlebar Grip Mirror

Stay safe on your Aventon Aventure ebike with the Handlebar Grip Mirror. It delivers a wide field of view and can be shifted easily to dial in the right angle. The mirror is only compatible with the Aventure and Aventon’s Level and Sinch models.

Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag helps keep track of your electric bike’s location at all times. The replaceable battery lasts over a year and the design has a IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. I recommend securing it in an inconspicuous place and removing the speaker from the AirTag so that a thief won’t be able to easily find or disable the AirTag.

Aventon Aventure Alternatives

If you’re in the market for an affordable fat tire e bike, there are a handful of other models worth considering alongside this single e bike. Rounding out my Aventon Aventure review, here’s a look at a few reputable electric bike models.

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus vs Aventon Aventure

The RadRover 6 Plus is a versatile fat tire e-bike that performs well on city streets and off-road trails alike. The e-bike has five pedal assist levels and a powerful 750W motor. Rad Power Bikes makes the RadRover 6 Plus in both a step-thru and high-step design. 

In a side-by-side comparison, the Aventon Aventure and RadRover 6 Plus have a good deal in common. They both sport 26” x 4” fat tires, 750W motors, five levels of pedal assistance, front and rear fenders, and rear and front rack compatibility. Both electric bikes weigh around 73 pounds, too. 

The Aventure’s battery power (720Wh) beats out the RadRover 6 Plus (589-672Wh). Additionally, the RadRover 6 Plus has a battery that’s semi-integrated, whereas the Aventure’s is seamlessly housed within the e-bike frame. This Rad Power Bikes model only comes as a class 2 e-bike, while the Aventure can be configured as either a class 2 or 3 electric bike. At the time of writing, the RadRover 6 Plus beats out the Aventure slightly when it comes to price point.

Himiway Zebra vs Aventon Aventure

Another competitor on the fat tire e-bike market, the Himiway Zebra is an excellent e bike option that stands out for its high capacity battery, long range, and powerful motor. When you buy the Zebra, you receive complementary accessories, including a rear rack, fenders, water bottle holder, and tool kit. Like the RadRover 6 Plus, the Himiway Zebra is available in both a step-thru and step-over design. 

Both the Aventure and Zebra have 750W rear hub motors, five levels of pedal assist, and maximum speeds of 28 mph as class 3 e-bikes.

In a head-to-head Himiway Zebra and Aventon Aventure review, each e-bike has its comparative advantages and drawbacks. The Himiway Zebra boasts a 960Wh battery and 80+ mile range using pedal assist or 60 miles using just electric power. The Aventure’s ergonomic grips and overall handling have an edge on the Zebra. The Zebra has a twist throttle whereas the Aventure uses a thumb throttle. Personally, I definitely prefer the thumb-control throttle, but it will come down to personal preference.

Aventon Sinch vs Aventon Aventure

Another fat tire electric bike in the Aventon family, the Sinch features a foldable design that’s easy to store and transport. It has five levels of pedal assist and a low step over frame. The Sinch is designed for an upright riding position, enhancing the comfort for longer rides. 

As an Aventon e-bike, the Sinch boasts many of the same features and design elements as the Aventure. This includes the LCD display, thumb throttle, hydraulic disc brakes, sleek profile, and use of aluminum alloy in the bike frame. 

Aside from the convenience afforded by the foldable design, the main differences come down to range, power, tire size, and frame sizes. The Sinch beats out the Aventure on range. Using level 1 pedal assistance, the Sinch has a 71-mile range, whereas the Aventure has a 53-mile range. However, the Aventure has the edge in terms of power, with its motor delivering 750W of sustained power versus 500W with the Sinch. Both e-bikes have 4” fat tires, but the Aventure’s are 6” taller than the Sinch. A drawback of the Sinch is that it comes in just one size, compared to three frame sizes for the Aventure.

It’s also worth noting that the Sinch weighs 68 pounds, which is roughly five pounds lighter than the Aventure.

Our Review Process

For my Aventon Aventure review, I put the e-bike to the test on a series of test rides across different terrain. I covered everything most riders will need to know, from the assembly process to performance, comfort, features, and recommended accessories based on real-world use.

At TravelFreak, our review process looks like real-world testing of products, which means we know what’s important. Our “test lab” is the real world. We take products across state lines and across oceans. We also verify all our claims and product details with thorough research. 

Why Trust TravelFreak?

TravelFreak is committed to providing every piece of knowledge we can about how to handle your next adventure like a pro. Here at TravelFreak, we’ve lived life, are gear junkies at heart, believe in investing in quality gear that will last a lifetime, and we only recommend products that we actually like.

I wrote this Aventon Aventure review based on my first-hand testing and riding experience, as well as research to verify specifications, components, and other technical details. I’ve tested a number of electric bikes over the past years, helping hone my knowledge and familiarity with the minutia of e-bike parts, features, and design elements to craft this comprehensive Aventon Aventure review.

Where to Buy the Aventon Aventure

Aventon specializes in selling direct to consumers, so most riders purchase the Aventure through the Aventon website. A handful of other retailers carry the Aventon Aventure, including Best Buy and Bicycle Warehouse

Aventon also partners with local bike shops around the U.S. for prospective riders who’d prefer to take their e-bike for a test ride first.

Aventon Aventure FAQs

Is Aventon Aventure too heavy?

At 73 pounds, it’s not a light e-bike. However, other fat tire ebikes have similar, if not heavier, weights.

How fast does the Aventon Aventure go?

The Aventon Aventure can go up to 28 mph with pedal assist or 20 mph using only the throttle.

How long does an Aventon e-bike last?

The Aventure has an average range of 45 miles. Using lower levels of pedal assistance will increase the range.

Can Aventon e-bikes get wet?

Yes, Aventon e-bikes have an IPX4 water-resistant standard, which means they’re safe to ride in the rain.

What class is the Aventon Aventure?

The Aventon Aventure can be configured as either a class 2 or class 3 e-bike.

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