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Béis Luggage Review: Hype or Worth it?

It’s really easy to find cheap, ugly, poorly made luggage. It’s also pretty easy to find uber-luxurious suitcases with prices to match. What’s hard is finding chic, high-quality suitcases that don’t make your wallet shiver. Béis luggage promises to deliver just that. Sounds nice, but it’s always hard to separate reality from marketing. So, is Béis luggage worth it?

I worked for several years as a product design engineer, pulling products apart to see how they worked and then building better ones. After dissecting products and working in the factories where they’re made, I learned a lot about where manufacturers cut corners to trim costs.

I’ve analyzed every element of Béis luggage design, from the materials to the manufacturing processes to see how it measures up to the best brands in the business.

I’ll show you what I found and help you answer the question: Is Béis luggage worth it?

Béis Luggage First Impressions

I have to say, Béis luggage just looks good. The simple modern design hits a great balance between playful and refined. If you’re tired of scrolling through dozens of boring same-old-same-old suitcase designs, this will be a breath of fresh air, especially if you pick one of their super fun colors with names like berry, creamsicle, and Maple (don’t worry, they have more conservative colors too).

Beyond the stylish exterior, Béis offers a fairly straightforward hardside suitcase (though there are several clever features that set these apart from the crowd). The polycarbonate shell feels pretty durable, and the handle and wheels seem sturdy. I would say it doesn’t have quite the same bomber construction as a suitcase from Monos or Briggs & Riley, but I couldn’t find any obvious problem areas straight off.

Inside, I was pleased to find a plethora of pockets and dividers for keeping things neat and organized. I hate it when my suitcase turns into a jumbled mess, so I’ll take all the pockets I can get.

Who is Béis?

I’ll admit, I spent a while trying to figure out how to pronounce Béis. It turns out the correct pronunciation is like “base.” This modern travel brand was started in 2018 by Canadian actress and model Shay Mitchell. She wanted to create a range of functional and truly stylish travel products that weren’t outrageously expensive.

I love that the goal of Béis is to make world-class design more accessible. Having gone through my fair share of cheap luggage, I definitely think it’s worth investing in a better suitcase, and it’s nice to find a brand that offers that at a more approachable price point.

Béis Luggage Review

The range of Béis products is pretty simple, there is a carry-on, a medium checked bag, a large checked bag, and a kids suitcase. All four have a virtually identical design, with the only difference being the size (and a few details on the kids bag).

Let’s dive right into the details.


Béis travel bags start with a sturdy polycarbonate hard shell. Polycarbonate is the material of choice for high-end hardside luggage because it is lightweight and much stronger than ABS or polypropylene (which are typically used in budget-oriented cases).

The fact that Béis is able to offer a full polycarbonate case at their prices is pretty impressive. I’ve only seen a few polycarbonate cases that are cheaper, so good on them! I would say that the shell doesn’t feel quite as tough and durable as slightly more expensive brands like Monos and July, but it should take a lot of abuse without cracking.

The interior linings are all made with an easy-to-clean stain-resistant polyester fabric.


Béis suitcases are designed to have a chic, modern look, and they really deliver. The shell has a sleek contoured design with a series of spaced-out vertical lines to add some visual interest, and it looks great.

I personally prefer an even more minimal aesthetic, but that’s a matter of personal preference. I can still agree that these are good-looking suitcases.

There is also a fantastic range of stylish colors to choose from, so you can get something that fits your personal style. Whether you want to stay professional and conservative (black or grey), or you want something that will stand out at baggage claim (like Citron Green), they’ve got a color for you.


Béis bags have some of the best organization I’ve seen in hardside suitcases. Seriously. Open up the main compartment and you’re greeted by an awesome array of pockets and organizing features. There are big zippered dividers, compression straps, zippered pockets of various sizes, and a transparent wet pocket for toiletries.

I’m of the more is better camp when it comes to pockets in luggage, so I love the layout of Béis suitcases. It makes it super easy to have a place for everything so you aren’t digging through all your belongings to find something on the go.

All Béis bags come with a laundry bag (labeled “dirt bag”) and a shoe bag (labeled “not basic”). They are perfect for keeping dirty clothes and shoes separate from the rest of your stuff. These are simple drawstring bags, and you can use them for whatever you want. I love to have accessories like this included so I don’t have to buy add-ons to my suitcase.

The biggest downside is that there are no external pockets, even on the Carry-On (the Kid’s Roller is the surprising exception). I personally think external pockets should be a standard feature for carry-on luggage, so it’s a bummer not to get any. Béis doesn’t even offer an upgraded carry-on option with a pocket like many other brands.


If you’re coming from a cheap, budget suitcase, you’ll be very impressed by the build quality of Béis bags. The polycarbonate shell is tough and impact-resistant, and all of the components can handle quite a bit of abuse.

I have seen some instances of cracked shells and broken wheels, but it would take a lot of abuse to really do serious damage to one of these suitcases. Plus, they have a limited lifetime warranty that covers most functional damage.

The one time I would be hesitant with Béis luggage is if I’m going to be pulling my suitcase over rough surfaces like cobblestone streets in Europe or unpaved paths in South Asia. The wheels are well-built, but I’ve had bad experiences with spinner wheels, and these definitely don’t have the same level of quality testing as higher-end brands.

If you’re looking for the absolute most durable luggage on the market that’s ready to go anywhere, I recommend picking something with two wheels instead of four. The Osprey Transporter has oversized wheels with chunky tires that can handle almost any terrain.

For most travel, though, Béis will last a long time.


In my mind, value is the area where Béis really hits the nail on the head. There are lots of nice polycarbonate suitcases anywhere, but few offer the same features and quality at such a low price point. The few true competitors at this price point include Level8 and the Travelpro Maxlite Air Collection.

If you want to get into a high-quality stylish suitcase without spending too much cash, Béis luggage hits a great sweet spot compared to other luggage brands.

Béis Luggage Features

Béis Luggage Features

Beyond the basic construction and overall design, Béis products pack in several unique features that make them even more functional. To be honest, they have some of the best features in the business with clever designs to solve common difficulties with travel.

Weight Indicator

One of the most innovative features of Béis luggage is the built-in weight limit indicator. On the side grab handle (not the telescoping handle), there is a small clear plastic window. If the bag weighs over 50 lbs (the typical airline limit), the handle will pull out just slightly, and the window will show red.

It’s such a simple design, but I think it’s genius. Even though I doubt this indicator has perfect accuracy, it works really well for letting you know if your bag is overweight.

Built-In Luggage Strap

Another of the clever and functional features built into Béis suitcases is the built-in luggage strap. Each suitcase has a small plastic clip that blends in nicely with the top edge of the case. If you pull this out, it is attached to a self-retracting strap (kind of like a seat belt). You can pull this strap out, wrap it through the handle of a purse, tote, or laptop bag, and then clip it back into place.

Now your smaller travel bag is securely attached to your suitcase, so you can wheel it all around and keep your other hand free. I love little details like this that make products more functional for real-world use.

Compression System

Béis suitcases have a compression flap that folds over your packed belongings and then two compression straps to cinch it down and hold everything in place. Overall, this is a pretty standard design for more high-end luggage, and some other brands execute it better. If you’re coming from standard flimsy elastic compression straps, though, this will be night-and-day difference.

TSA-Approved Lock

Every Béis bag comes with TSA locks on the main zipper to let you secure the contents against unwanted intrusion. It’s definitely not fool-proof, as serious thieves could still rip through the zipper (or just walk away with your bag), but it does offer some peace of mind.

Béis Luggage Review by Model

Béis Luggage Specs:

Model Carry-On Roller 26” Check-In Roller Large 29” Check-In Roller Kid’s Roller
Dimensions 15.7” x 22.8” x 9.8” 16.5” x 26” x 11” 19.6” x 31.3” x 12.6” 17” x 9” x 16.5”
Weight 8.36 lbs 10.2 lbs 11.84 lbs 7 lbs
Capacity 61 L 94 L 112 L 41 L

Carry-On Roller

The Béis Carry-On Roller is a fairly standard hardside carry-on bag, but it’s packed with all of Béis’ smart design features.

The downside in my opinion is that this bag is somewhat heavier than other similar carry-ons at over 8 lbs. That’s not a deal-breaker for sure, but it’s something to be aware of.

26” Check-In Roller

The 26” Check-In Roller has most of the same features as the Carry-On Roller, but in a medium-sized checked bag. This is the perfect roller bag for most longer trips where you need a checked case.

Large 29” Check-In Roller

If you’re a fan of bigger-is-better, then this is the suitcase for you. With a whopping 112 L of storage capacity, this humongous bag has room for long-term travel, international moves, or packing for a family.

Kid’s Roller

The Kid’s Roller bag comes with the same polycarbonate shell and sleek styling as the bigger bags, but in a compact, easy-to-handle size that’s perfect for little ones on the go.

If you’re traveling with kids, having them take ownership over packing and moving their own suitcase is a great way to get them excited about travel (though you may end up pulling it along yourself).

The biggest surprise? The Kid’s Roller is the only Béis Luggage that comes with an external front pocket! I tell you what, I’m honestly tempted to get this bag for myself just for that feature. It’s also the perfect size for an underseat suitcase on most airlines.

Béis Luggage Accessories

You’ll probably need more than just a suitcase to get you fully outfitted for travel. Béis has a wide range of accessories that you can buy alongside their suitcases. The Béis travel bags in particular are very stylish and functional, and they make a perfect addition to your travel gear.

Here are my favorite Béis luggage travel accessories:

Weekender Bag

The Béis Weekender Bag is the first product Béis ever designed. It is simple, sleek, and highly functional. The size of this shoulder bag is perfect for one- to three-day trips, and the wide shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry.

It has super wide opening zippers for easy packing and access to your stuff. It’s nice not having to dig through blind. There are also plenty of pockets in the Weekender Bag (including a laptop sleeve) to keep everything organized.

If you’re in the market, I highly recommend you buy Béis travel bags to go along with your suitcase.

Béisics Backpack

This Béis backpack is the perfect addition to a carry-on during travel. You can throw your carry-on suitcase into the overhead compartments and keep the backpack under your seat with all your essentials easily accessible.

This pack has a super simple design, but that hides some great functionality. There’s a padded laptop sleeve, zippered organization pockets, water bottle pockets on the side, and a luggage trolley passthrough strap so you can carry it on top of your suitcase.

The padded shoulder straps are plenty comfortable (as long as you aren’t loading it down with four copies of War and Peace), and the slick interior is super easy to wipe clean.

Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set

Luggage tags on your suitcase are always a good idea. Losing your luggage while flying is a nightmare, and having identification and contact info gives your luggage a better chance of making it back to you.

This little set includes a stylish luggage tag plus a passport holder that works as a perfect wallet for travel, with room for your passport, cards, and cash. They’re also color-coordinated, so you can match them to your luggage to keep with your chosen color scheme.

As a bonus, the two items come in a clear zippered pouch that is perfect for packing toiletries or liquids.

Béis Luggage Alternatives

Béis isn’t the only up-and-coming luggage brand looking to offer stylish, durable polycarbonate hardside luggage. There are several other brands that offer similar products and compete directly in the same market space.

Here are a few of the top alternatives to Béis and how they compare:

Béis vs Monos

Monos is our favorite luggage brand here at TravelFreak. Their suitcases are beautiful, functional, and insanely durable. The key difference between Monos and Béis is going to be a slightly different quality/price tradeoff. Monos suitcases are going to be more expensive than Béis across the board (it’s not a massive difference, but it’s definitely significant).

In exchange for the higher price, Monos suitcases are just more well-built overall. I’ve never seen one of their hard shells crack, and they put every component through insane quality testing to ensure it will last for a lifetime, even with some pretty significant abuse.

If you are traveling all the time and want the absolute best suitcase, Monos may be worth the bigger investment. If you want to save some cash and still get a sleek, durable, modern case, Béis is a more affordable choice.

To learn more, check out our full Monos luggage review.

Béis vs Away

Away has become one of the most popular and well-known startup luggage brands out there, largely thanks to their brilliant marketing. Like Béis, they build stylish polycarbonate suitcases.

In my opinion, Béis is going to be the better choice in terms of value. Their suitcases are just as durable as those from Away, and they offer more functional features. Better yet, Béis is significantly less expensive. I’m all about getting better bang for your buck, and Béis definitely beats Away on that score.

If you want to learn more, you can read our full Away luggage review.

Béis vs July

July is an Australian luggage brand that started at the same time as Béis, in 2018. Their cases have a more minimal aesthetic and design and have a really bomber construction.

Like most of the other competing brands, July is going to be a bit pricier than Béis. You do get better build quality though. July cases have corners reinforced with aluminum bumpers and some of the best spinner wheels on the planet.

It’s kind of the same deal as with Monos. Want the best suitcase possible? Pick July. Want a more affordable option that still offers awesome quality and style? Pick Béis.

For what it’s worth, Béis suitcases do have more smart features packed into the design than July.

You can learn more by reading our full July luggage review.

Béis Luggage FAQs

Is Béis Luggage Good?

Béis luggage offers great value, with quality construction and smart features at an affordable price.

What is the most popular color of Béis?

Can the Béis Weekender bag be used as a personal item on the plane?

Who is the owner of Béis?

Béis is owned by Canadian actress and model, Shay Mitchell.

Where is the Béis weight indicator?

The Béis weight limit indicator is located in the small clear window on the side grab handle.

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